Swapneswar Barik

Your confidence is my success.

In 2016, I started learning English almost from zero level and took 5 continuous years to learn it and build confidence at it. I made a lot of mistake, embarrassed on stage, lost chance in GD, scared to ask questions and many more. One thing I learnt from my experience is if you want knowledge, learn it, If you want result, DO it. I want result for you and that is why I founded Public Speaking Family. A community where you come and speak practically to overcome fear and build confidence.

30 Days ETMC challenge is also based on action taking. The assignments are designed based on my own experience and 1 to 1 calls I have done with my clients. This is a fail proof system. One can only fail is by not doing it

30 Days ETMC Challenge

By the time you complete this challenge you will have Expressing Capability, Tongue trained, Mind trained and Confidence in English in front of people.

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